Ready For Some Summer Fun  Outdoors, But Your Yard Isn’t?

The Problem: Turf grubs spent last fall feeding on the roots of your turf before going below the frost line. Now they’re back, ready to become beetles.

The Solution: grubGONE!, a natural insect biocontrol that targets the pest without harming kids, pets, bees or the natural ecosystem in your yard.

Say Good-Bye to Harmful Grubs

GrubGONE!  is easy to apply to your entire yard with our spreadable granules.

Break Up with the Beetle

BeetleGONE! tlc can be sprayed anywhere in your yard where you encounter possible beetle infestation.

Phyllom's grubGONE! & beetleGONE! are:

Highly effective at controlling grubs & beetle invaders and are safe for kids, pets, honeybees, birds & wildlife. The active ingredient, our patented strain of Bt, is used in organic farming - so feel free to use it in your fruit and veggie garden too!

Product Overview


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GrubGone & BeetleGone is for everybody! It’s a huge advantage to have a product like this because it’s a game changer in the industry with how effective and safe it is to the point that states are changing laws FOR this product. It is targeted where you want it to be! It goes only after the bad guys - targets just those beetles or grubs you want to get rid of ONLY."

We have tested this product for over three years, and it regularly provides 70% to 80% control of Japanese beetle and masked chafer grubs!”