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For all applications we recommend a rate of 2 - 4 oz (about 3/8 - 3/4 cups) of beetleGONE! per gallon of water which will allow you to treat 1,000 sqft. Generally, if you are treating for beetles on foliage we recommend using manual pump sprayers which allow you to easily control the amount of product delivered to the plant; your favorite one in the shed will probably work just fine. To treat for grubs feeding on the roots of your turf or garden we generally recommend hose end sprayers which can provide mixed results – this guide is for you.


For Application to Trees, Ornamentals, Fruits & Vegetables

For foliar application, we recommend the use of handheld pump sprayers. Hose end sprayers often do not deliver enough product and due to increased flow of water, considerable amounts of product may end up on the ground. With pump sprayers, getting the right mix of beetleGONE! is easy; simply mix 2 - 4 oz (3/8 - 3/4 cups) of beetleGONE! per gallon of water. Depending on the sprayer, and the size of the tank opening, it may be easier to mix the beetleGONE! with water in a separate bucket before transferring the mixture to the sprayer. Once inside the sprayer, tighten the lid and shake vigorously to ensure the solution is well mixed. Continue to gently mix the solution while working to keep the beetleGONE! suspended in water.  We prefer a mist setting during application which provides uniform coverage on the foliage while limiting product run off. For best results, do not allow irrigation or rain to wash beetleGONE! off the leaves after application.



For Ground Spraying Applications

beetleGONE! may be used as a ground spray in order to control grubs feeding beneath the surface. Manual pump sprayers can be used, but may be inefficient if a large area needs to be treated. For treating large areas, such as turf or flower beds, a hose end sprayer may be preferred. Use of a hose end sprayer will require you to make a concentrated solution of beetleGONE! by mixing 2 - 4 oz (3/8 to 3/4 cup)* of beetleGONE! with 16 fl oz of water. Add the concentrated solution to the sprayer tank, tighten the lid, shake vigorously to ensure a uniform mixture with no clumps and deliver the concentrated solution over 1,000 sqft. For this type of application, it is important to irrigate the product into the root zone of the soil where grubs are feeding.


*NOTE: Various hose end sprayers deliver the concentrated beetleGONE! solution at different rates; please see sprayer recommendations below. For foliar application with a hose end sprayer, consider mixing 1 cup of beetleGONE! per 16 fl oz of water.