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Certified for organic gardening, beetleGONE! tlc is specifically formulated for use on trees, shrubs, fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants and anywhere you have an outbreak of beetles, weevils, borers or other targeted pests.


For Spot Spraying Individual Plants:

In order to control as many target pests as possible, we recommend two or three treatments at intervals of 7 - 10 days when you start to see an infestation. Simply mix 2 - 4 oz (3/8 –3/4 cups) of the powder for every gallon of water and apply the mixture with a backpack sprayer, spray bottle or hose end sprayer. Once ingested, the pest will stop feeding and eventually die. While working, periodically shake or stir the mixture to keep a uniform ratio of beetleGONE! to water. In order to keep the product on the foliage where beetles are feeding it is best to apply when rain is not in the forecast for a few days or to mix in a commercial sticker if rain is expected (see label).

For Turf Grub Control:

beetleGONE! tlc can also be used as a ground spray on your turf from spring to fall to control beetle larvae (grubs). Make sure the mixed application gets irrigated into the root zone where the grubs are feeding. Mix as indicated above using 1 gallon of beetleGONE! / water mix per 1000 sq.ft. Multiple applications are not required, but may be desired depending on infestation.

Plant Root Dip Application:

Roots of plants may be treated prior to planting or storing over winter. Simply mix beetleGONE! tlc with water in a container at a rate of 2 – 4 oz per gallon of water and dip the root ball of the plant into the suspended solution.