Your 1 lb bag of BeetleGone will cover up to 8,000 square feet. The powder mixes with water to be applied as a spray.

  • Effectively controls beetle invaders like Japanese Beetle and Chafer adults.
  • Labeled for applications to trees, shrubs, edible fruits and vegetables.
  • Treated vegetables, fruits and herbs may be eaten the day of application.
  • Labeled by EPA “For Organic Production” for fruits and vegetables.
  • Non phyto-toxic to plants.
  • Preserves bees, butterflies, lady bugs and other non-targets in the garden.


Ask a Question
  • Since the grubs are in the grass, can I use this on grass?

    grubGONE! is more widely used (as a spreadable granular) for grubs feeding in the turf. However, beetleGONE! can be successfully used as well. Either method you choose, make sure to irrigate the area afterwards to deliver the active ingrediant into the root zone where the grubs are feeding.

    For Turf Grub Control:

    beetleGONE! tlc can also be used as a ground spray on your turf from spring to fall to control beetle larvae (grubs). Make

    sure the mixed application gets irrigated into the root zone where the grubs are feeding. Mix as indicated above using 2

    - 4 oz of beetleGONE! per gallon of water & spray the mixture over 1000 sqft.

  • How long before the beetles die after applying?

    Typically from a few hours to a week. It depends on the species of beetle and also the dose of product ingested. This type of broad window is typical of biologicals. Once the targeted pest has ingested the product by feeding on the foliage (and active ingredient protein) feeding halts as the insects become sick from septicemia/ gut ulcers.

  • How often can I use Beetlegone?

    Every 7 - 10 days

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Frances T.
United States United States
Shiny beetles

Was recommended by a friend but beetles have not yet emerged so no need for yet

Maggie P.
United States United States
I haven’t used it yet

We don’t get Japanese beetles until late June Aso haven’t tried it yet. I did email a question that I haven’t gotten An answer. Once I mix up a bottle how long will it remain effective? Also if I don’t use the whole bag will it still be good next year?

Phyllom BioProducts

Maggie, First of all, thanks for the purchase. We recommend that you apply beetleGONE! every 7 - 10 days while you see an infestation of beetles. We don't recommend storing the mixed beetleGONE / water solution for extended periods so only mix the amount you think you will need to use that day. Any left over can certainly be use again in 7-10 days. Store the dry (unmixed) beetleGONE! power in a cool, dry place (such as your shed) and it should last for 18 months.

Robert B.
United States United States
Follow up

This is great because as it drips off the foliage it gets into the ground to kill next years grubs. Adding the triple blend of nematodes and milky spore to the surrounding soil will devastate them. I only have a tiny amount of beetles that fly in from other areas now and they don't last long. ;)

Ernest C.
United States United States
Japanese Beetles gone

I have had an infestation of Japanese Beetles on my Virginia Creeper for about five years. The Beetles come, they devour, and come back the next year. Two applications of Beetle Gone has removed most of the Beetle sighings and severely limited Beetle damage to the Virginia Creeper. Applications were seven days apart; I will do one more application to hopefully limit egg laying/grub formation.

Karey K.
United States United States
So far, so good

I wasn’t sure how this would work, but so far I’ve been really pleased. I’ve noticed significantly less Japanese Beetles on the plants in my yard that they seem to love. I still pick the occasional beetle off in between applications but don’t spend a ton of time with a container of soapy water like before. I also love that it doesn’t harm the plants or the bees and butterflies. It’s costly, but worth it!! Highly recommended!