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grubGONE!® G: For organic lawn care. This easy to apply granule is highly effective in controlling all types of scarab beetle grubs (such as Chafers and Japanese Beetles), billbugs and bluegrass weevils in lawns without harming homeowners, pets, pollinators, earthworms or birds and does not contaminate the water table nor riparian areas such as streams, ponds and lakes. The only Non-Chemical that Effectively Controls Turf Grubs, Spring through Fall: not only effective against 1st instar grubs but also larger and hardier 2nd and 3rds. Thus, reducing populations of destructive grubs during Spring-Summer and helping to reduce secondary foraging in the Summer-Fall. More effective than GrubEx® especially from July 1 or later applications without the toxicity to earthworms, fish and water invertebrate food chain. Contains 1000x more spores than Milky Spore® and the organic protein BTG; therefore, more cost effective and much higher performing than Milky Spore® versus a wider variety of turf pests.

beetleGONE!® tlc: Spray for highly effective organic control of adult beetles, weevils and borers without harming bees, butterflies or ladybugs. Target the Pest, Not the Rest!® For organic gardening and production. Mix in water and spray on edible garden plants, ornamental plants, trees or turf. Product can also be mixed into or sprayed on potting or garden soil to control beetle grubs. With a zero-day prehavest interval you can treat for beetles and harvest your food the same day. And there are no label restrictions for use around bees or flowering plants; therefore, beetleGONE! can be safely used while pollinators are active. This is the only non-chemical spray product on the market that performs at a high level like the leading chemicals but is safe for homeowners and pollinators alike.

grubGONE! and beetleGONE! are:
  • Natural, organic products that kill all species of turf grubs (larvae) and select adult beetles at high levels (85%+)
  • OMRI-certified and certified For Organic Production by EPA
  • No toxicity to beneficial insects: bees, butterflies, earthworms, ladybugs
  • Starts to work in short time frame relative to other non-chem products
  • No riparian area contamination issues in ground water, streams, ponds, lakes, and rivers
  • Contains 1000x more spores than Milky Spore® products.
  • Contains the powerful yet natural and organic active ingredient protein BTG
  • Milky Spore® Products result in only low-moderate control of a single species of turf grub (Japanese Beetle), are marketed as not effective until the second or third year after application (or only after 4-6 applications) and do not control the adult beetles at all.
  • The leading chemical grub control product GrubEx® does not perform at any higher performance level than grubGONE! as an early season spring application, falters significantly with low level control compared to grubGONE! as a mid-to-late season grub control applied after July 1, and does contaminate water.
  • The Choice is Clear: Harness the Power of Mother Nature with BTGTM and Target the Pest, Not the Rest!®

Natural.  Effective. Targeted. Discovered and developed by a team of experts over a span of 15 years, Phyllom BioProducts’ patented strain of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is the first bio insecticide powerful enough to effectively control susceptible beetles, weevils, borers and grubs. And unlike the chemical products, Phyllom’s line of products do not pose a risk to non-target beneficial insects such as earthworms and lady bugs nor to pollinators such as bees and butterflies. The New Standard for High Performance & Safety. You can now achieve a high level of control like the chemical insecticides without doing harm to the natural ecosystem in your yard.

Target the Pest, Not the Rest® Targeted insect pests include: Scarab Beetle grubs and adults such as Japanese Beetle, Asiatic Garden Beetle, European Chafer, Rose Chafer, May or June Beetle, Northern Masked Chafer, Southern Masked Chafer, Black Turfgrass Ataenius, Green June Beetle, Oriental Beetle, Leaf Beetles such as Rice and Alder Leaf, Weevils such as Annual Bluegrass, Sweet Potato, Pepper, Pecan, Citrus / Strawberry Root and other Root Weevils, Flea Beetle, Borers such as Emerald Ash Borer, Gold Spotted Oak Borer and Soap Berry Borer, and Darkling Beetles.